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So, this is a bittersweet post for a few reasons. First of all, this is probably the last batch of cupcakes that I’m going to make for a while since I start law school next week (AHHHHH!), and I probably won’t have the time do make anything. However, as sad is that is, I know I can always go back to baking and decorating cupcakes in the future.

Unfortunately, that’s not the real bittersweet moment. As you may or may not know, I just finished a production of Hairspray with Lee Lyric Theatre (LLT). The show was one of the biggest roller coasters I have ever been on, but it ended up being great. I met a lot of wonderful people, had some awesome experiences, and ended up being a part of a very fun and successful show. While the end of any show is bittersweet, for those of us that have gone to Lee High School (LHS) and been involved with LLT before and after attending the school, there’s another element to this story.

LHS is a VERY run-down and old school, and has been for a while. There’s molding the ceilings, mildew in the air units (that don’t work), broken desks, no locks on the bathroom stalls, TONS of mice, leaking ceilings, bugs, and NO windows- to mention just a few things. Last year the School Board finally approved a new school for LHS, and the new building is almost finished- take a look at the difference between the two.

The Lee I went to...

The new Lee

Although Lee DEFINITELY deserves this new building, it’s really sad for a lot of us to see our old school and theatre torn down. I personally have been performing on that run down, leaking, smelly, and moldy stage since I was 6 years old, and as much as I hate it- I’m really going to miss it. Hairspray was the last Lee Lyric Theatre production to be preformed on that stage before it gets torn down. To paraphrase our directory Melinda Lombardino said “…so many have grown up on this stage not just physically, but emotionally as well… and even though we hate this theatre, we’re going to miss it very much”.

But to get back on track, being in the cast of any show comes with many perks, but one of the best is definitely the cast party. I (of course) made cupcakes for the cast, and decided to make owls because all the words in the chorus numbers are (literally) “hoot”. One of my best friends, Erica Hansen (who played Velma Von Tussle), came to help me- this woman is going to be a broadway star one day soon.

Erica in "Velma's Revenge"

We decided to make three different flavors- Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate, and Butterbeer (yes, like in Harry Potter!). We made a total of 72 cupcakes!! It was quite a feat. Check them out:

Cookies and Cream Owl

Mint Chocolate Owls

Baby Owls!

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of the Butterbeer cupcakes before the cast party, so the only picture I have of them is this one where they’re in the background- they’re the big-eyed owls:

The Butterbeer cupcakes are in upper right of the picture


Besides the cupcakes Erica and I made, everyone in the cast brought something to the party. Can I just say- the cast of Hairspray knows how to do potluck!

WARNING! The following pictures may make you drool uncontrollably!Ā 

The Cake from Peggy Anne Bakery

Drink Table

Fruit and Veggies


Chicken and Chips


Thank you to everyone involved in Hairspray for the wonderful experience and making the last show on Lee’s stage a memorable one for me.

"You Can't Stop the Beat"


Stay Sweet,



I’m sorry it took so long to get this post up, but with Hairspray, moving, relatives visiting, and everything else going on, it’s been a pretty busy few months.

My good friend Juliana turned 21 last month. She asked me to make cupcakes for her and the cast for her birthday. She was Penny, check out how awesomely she embraced the role!

Penny attempting the Madison


I made everyone snicker doodle cupcakes, that were incredible! They looked awesome before they were even cooked!

Before they go in the oven

And they looked awesome once they came out…


I decorated them with tie-dye icing, but for some reason I didn’t get any pictures of them- fail. I’m sure someone else got some pictures of them, they were pretty cute.


I also made Juliana some special cupcakes, because she was turning 21. These are Cosmo Cupakes that are LOADED with alcohol. They were pretty awesome!

Cosmo Cupcakes with a Triple Sec Buttercream Icing


Happy Birthday Juliana, and I’m sorry it took so long to get this post up!!


Stay Sweet


Today Erin and I threw a baby shower for our high school friend and my photographer Megan.

The Shower

I know this site is just supposed to be about my cupcakes, but everything Erin and I made was so cute that I think they deserve a shout-out too. Check out our spread!

Our food table

Here’s a close up of everything so you can see how awesome it was!

Fruit Cones

Pizza Poppers


Veggie Cups

Shrimp Salad on Cucumbers

Our drink station

Ladybug Snacks

Watermelon Lemonade- so delicious!

And of course, the cupcakes I made:

The Jungle Cupcakes

We can’t forget the gift table:

The present table

And finally the presents Erin and I made for Megan…

One for each kid

Overall I think we did a pretty good job, and the shower was a success! If you want to see some more cupcake pictures, click here.

Stay Sweet!


So now that RENT and Drowsy are over, my family and I have dove straight in to Hairspray! It’s been pretty crazy- there’s a LOT of music to learn, and of course a lot of dancing to learn as well.

I tried a new cookies and cream recipe that everyone LOVED, and that I’m DEFINITELY keeping!

I also had my first experience with fondant. I tried- I really did, but the instructions on how to make the fondant were not very good and I ended up having a flubber-from-hell-like concoction on my hands. All that is to say, please forgive the sketchy icing decorations I did. It was a long day in the kitchen and I was past trying to make these look fabulous.

Here are the first cupcakes I made for this cast:


Cookies and Cream

I’m glad everyone enjoyed the cupcakes! Hopefully I’ll have time to make some more for this cast at some point!


We open Friday July 29th and run through August 6th at Lee High School! Come see us if you can!

Stay sweet,


Goodness, this has been a CRAZY month!! Not only has my show (RENT) opened, but my sister’s high school has started rehearsals for their show “The Drowsy Chaperone”. Jackie asked me to make some cupcakes for them and this is what I ended up with!

Martini for the Drowsy Chaperone

Another view of the martinis

"Mo Monkeys" Records

And Guns for the gangsters!


The cupcakes were yellow cake with a marshmallow vanilla buttercream frosting! Yummmmy šŸ™‚


I’m really sad I wasn’t able to deliver the cupcakes myself and take pictures of everyone eating them, but from what I’ve heard everyone enjoyed them!!

Thanks so much for the order Jackie!!



I am SO lucky to be able to be doing RENT this summer with IMP. It’s been so much fun!! In fact, I’ve been making cupcakes for the cast for the past few weeks and decided I would step it up a notch and actually do some designs instead of just cupcakes. So here’s what I did-the most epic restaurant order in the history of time!

Anyone that knows RENT knows that one of the biggest songs is in a restaurant and they all order dinner. And this is what they order:

5 Miso Soup

4 Seaweed Salad

3 Soy Burger Dinner

2 Tofu Dog Platter

And 1 Pasta with Meatless Balls (that taste the same... if you close your eyes)

Not to mention,


The cupcakes are Cookies and Cream with a Vanilla Buttercream frosting, and EVERYTHING on them is edible!! I hope everyone from the cast enjoyed the cupcakes!! I loved making them for you!

This post is mainly to say thank you to everyone that got me my awesome cupcake accessories this Christmas, and also to update you on the Strawberries and Cream cupcakes.

First I’ll update you on the cupcakes. Once mom got home she tried one of my cupcakes and liked it! So did daddy. I thought it was weird so I tried another one and it was actually really good! I decided to take them to my RENT rehearsal, and everyone there LOVED them too! I guess they just needed to cool off a little or something- who knows. I still think that the next time I’ll cut down on the amount of corn starch, but they ended up being really yummy after all!

Now for my Christmas thank you’s and pictures of all my stuff!

My cupcake mix set from Anna, Becca, and Ali

Two new cookbooks from Shauna

LOTS of decorating stuff from Shauna and one set of sprinkles from Santa

Cupcake towels, liners, and tips from Santa and Aunt Allison

A close-up of my new tips from Aunt Allison. I can't wait to use them!

Mini-muffin pans from Emily, a silpat and pig whisk from Santa, and some really gorgeous measuring flowers from Shauna

These measuring flowers need a close-up. They are SO pretty and SO awesome! Thanks Shauna!!

These are all my cupcake presents, but I feel like I need to show the new addition to my kitchen table, it’s just too cute not to share šŸ™‚

I already had the pigs, but Santa brought me the cows. I now have a barnyard of salt and pepper shakers on my kitchen table!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for all of these wonderful presents! I can’t wait to start using them!!


Stay Sweet


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