EB's Cutie Cakes


Posted on: February 5, 2011

I am SO lucky to be able to be doing RENT this summer with IMP. It’s been so much fun!! In fact, I’ve been making cupcakes for the cast for the past few weeks and decided I would step it up a notch and actually do some designs instead of just cupcakes. So here’s what I did-the most epic restaurant order in the history of time!

Anyone that knows RENT knows that one of the biggest songs is in a restaurant and they all order dinner. And this is what they order:

5 Miso Soup

4 Seaweed Salad

3 Soy Burger Dinner

2 Tofu Dog Platter

And 1 Pasta with Meatless Balls (that taste the same... if you close your eyes)

Not to mention,


The cupcakes are Cookies and Cream with a Vanilla Buttercream frosting, and EVERYTHING on them is edible!! I hope everyone from the cast enjoyed the cupcakes!! I loved making them for you!


1 Response to "WINE AND BEER!!!"

I love these cupcakes, esp. the beer ones!!!!!!!!!!

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